Top Side Effects Of Green Tea


side effects of green tea

If you are a green tea lover, or you simply love to have it occasionally, you should take a look and know the side effects of green tea. From combating bad breath to cancer, it has become immensely popular for the greatness and the goodness it brings, but it does carry the side effects of green tea too. It appears to be safe in moderate amounts, but over a long period of time in excess consumption, it can cause more harm than good. You’ve probably heard people mad about how healthy green tea is, like natural, no adulteration, pure, rich in catechin (a natural antioxidant and helps to promote weight loss), free of chemical processes and helps in reducing a number of diseases.

But have you ever thought what lurks inside your cup of green tea and how it ruins your health gradually? Is green tea really that good and healthy for you?

Let’s take a look at some of the Top Side Effects of Green Tea!

Caffeine Anxiety
All teas contain caffeine, so does the green tea. There are a few people who have less tolerance for caffeine and show these symptoms on having even small amounts. Intake of more than five cups of green tea per day for it contains caffeine can cause fear, nervousness, jitters and shakiness.

Injurious To Liver
Though catechins are antioxidants, they can prove to be harmful if taken more than the body requires. They disrupt the metabolic process which makes your body not capable enough to metabolize food and turn it into energy and leads to severe health problems like hepatitis, jaundice, sometimes in rare cases, even liver failure.

Decaffeinated Green Tea
The shocking truth behind the decaffeinated green tea is that it is chemically processed for decaffeinating process generally has the requirement of Ethyl Acetate or Methylene Chloride, as these chemicals are also used in dry cleaning and in nail polish remover!
However, a gentle and organic process without any chemicals could be a way to the safe and healthy lifestyle.

Bones Weakening
If you take green tea in excess, more than three to five times a day, it can lead to several ailments. Some side effects of green tea are upset stomach, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea and frequent urination.
Green tea and osteoporosis! Does it even really make a sense? Yes, it does.
Over consumption of green tea has been linked to flush out of calcium in urine and deficiency of calcium leads to osteoporosis.

Deficiency Of Iron
Presence of tannins in Green tea block the absorption of iron from food and supplements. Therefore, Green tea consumption might in excess,can increase the chances of iron deficiency.

Miscarriages And Lactation Risks
Too much consumption of green tea during pregnancy can lead to an increased risk of miscarriages and a number of other side effects of Green tea. Moderate consumption of green tea is advisable during pregnancy. In case of lactating women, nursing infant could be affected by breast milk if caffeine in green tea can pass into breast milk.

Artificial Flavoring
As you all Green tea lovers know that it comes in a range of different flavors from ginger to lime and sweet basil to chamomile. However, these are not as natural and organic as they appear and a lot of these are artificial and have an imprecise taste of the actual flavor.

Heartburns and Irregular heartbeats
Green tea lovers can be prone to heart problems. It can pose a serious threat to heart because of caffeine green tea contains. Consuming more than two cups of green tea, that is, more than 200 mg of caffeine, you would suffer from heartburn and irregular heartbeats. However, refraining yourself from more than a cup of green tea is totally safe and healthy.

Well over consumption of anything could be baneful to your health, but it’s still easy to avoid these severe ailments by restricting yourself from not having more than a cup of green tea per day. As there are a number of side effects of green tea, however, never stop to binge on your steaming cup of green tea as moderation is the key to wholesome and healthy life.

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