Indian / Vegetarian Diet Plan For Quick Weight Loss


Indian Meal for Weight LossNo matter how determined you are to lose weight quickly, the endless sources from where you acquire the knowledge to set out your quick weight loss diet plan makes you crazy with their complex diet regime and the foods that might be rich in that particular nutrient but is difficult to afford or not accessible in your local area.
So the point is, for quick weight loss there could be nothing better than a healthy vegetarian Indian diet that makes a great choice without making things complicated in your way to achieve your health goals.
A vegetarian Indian diet is filled with foods that are packed with nutrients, high in fiber and are infused with flavorful-aromatic herbs & spices.

The healthy vegetarian Indian diet comprises fruits and vegetables; cereal grains such as rice, wheat and corn; milk and dairy products; pulses or dals such as peas, beans and lentils; and nuts and oils. Too achieve quick weight loss, fill your diet with low-calorie Indian vegetables, such as cauliflower, spinach and mustard leaves. Include Fruits, whole grains- such as brown rice and whole-wheat chapattis and pulses in your weight-loss diet as they are fiber rich foods , which helps with appetite control.fiber rich foodsA healthy, well-balanced Indian vegetarian diet not only helps promote weight loss but also offers a number of health benefits. A vegetarian diet is very effective and helps maintaining low blood pressure,lower rates of heart disease and low cholesterol. Besides, it might help reduce your risk of cancer

11 Golden rules to start your Indian diet plan for quick weight loss

1. Break Your Heavy 3-Time-Meal into 6-Small Meals

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You should follow a healthy diet plan for weight loss that consists of 6-7 small meals throughout the day, than just a simple breakfast and two heavy large meals that are difficult to digest and burn calories. Split your calorie intake between several small meals. Small meals is way healthier than 1-2 large meals as it ensures that you receive uniform energy stream throughout the day. Eating several small meals makes you full, prevents hunger cravings and thus reduces your temptation to munch extra cookies and chips.

Tip- Avoid restrictive diet plans and always choose a diet plan where you can eat healthy and in moderation for quick weight loss.

2. Flavor Up your food With Spicesindian meal for quick weight loss

When you think of Indian cuisine, the first thing that you think about is curry, a blend of different warm and aromatic spices. These spices do not just add flavor and color to your food but also are a wonderful choice for weight loss diet. This is the reason that they are considered as important in an Indian diet as the food itself.

Commonly used spices in Indian cuisine – turmeric, fenugreek, cardamom, cloves, coriander, mustard, ginger, garlic and cumin.

3. Eat healthy and Make smart food choicesPoha Recipe

Add instead good amount of low-calorie foods to your weight loss diet plan, rather than less amount of high or medium-calorie foods. As mentioned earlier also you do not need these specific foods that various online diet plans consist of foods like broccoli, berries, avocado, zucchini, kale and other exotic vegetables and fruits in order to lose weight.cheela recipeTrust me, you can get all the benefits, even more than that you expect from the homemade food and “grandma’s food” is the best option. Indian diet foods for quick weight loss such as roti, dal, sabzi (cooked with less and healthy oil), daliya, poha, idli, chaach (buttermilk), nimbu pani (lemon water), and nariyal pani (coconut water) are excellent food options.

4. Nutritious High-Calorie Foods In Small Amount Is Healthybenefits of ghee

It is recommended to take moderate amounts of rice, mangoes, bananas and even ghee. These foods if taken in small quantities will help to supply your body with the energy it requires and will keep you active throughout the day. In addition, not all fats are harmful; in fact, your body requires a certain amount of healthy fats on a regular basis. Ghee (clarified butter) contains healthy fatty acids- Omega 3 and Omega 9 as well as vitamins A, D, E and K. So, next time don’t hesitate to add a spoon of ghee to your rotis or daal as you can still be able to achieve your weight loss goals.

5. Create a Calorie Deficit

Burning more calories than you are consuming, creates a calorie deficit. The most crucial part of your weight loss program is to create that calorie deficit as it forces your body to use stored fat to get the energy your body requires. calories per day

  • Average man requires- 2,500-3000 calories per day
  • Average woman requires- 2,000-2300 calories per day

So, if your body meets the basic calorie requirements for the day and then you workout, it will create a calorie deficit.

Calorie Deficit Measurement

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  • A brisk walk for 1 hour will burn-300 calories
  • Running for 1 hour will burn-600 calories
  • Using a skipping rope will burn-850 calories

So, make an effective plan for your weight-loss exercise routine to increase your calorie deficit level for quick results.

6. Cardio vs. Resistance Training For Quick Weight Loss

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There are some people who believe in cardio for weight loss, while others insist that resistance training is the right way to lose weight. However, research and studies show that a combination of cardio and resistance exercises produces the best results with maximum weight and fat loss. It is suggested that your workout session should contain a combination of the two types of exercises.

Tip- Spend more time on cardio with a short resistance training session but in a combination each unlike alternate days.

7. Yoga keeps your body Physically And Mentally Healthybenefits of hatha yoga

Yoga is generally associated with peace and calm but we forget that it is also a great form of exercise for weight loss. Yoga will not only help you to improve lungs health and increase stamina but also helps you burn calories for overall performance. It is recommended to do Hatha yoga and Bikram yoga to help you burn calories and lose weight quickly for you can lose between 400cal-600cal during one hour yoga workout for weight loss.

8. Eat after regular interval of two hours & Control your portion sizeweight loss diet plan

Don’t wait for so long that you get hungry. It is really important to consciously eat at the right time the correct portion size for your body’s metabolism to work optimally. You should know the correct portion size of the diet meal you are taking depending on your weight loss goals.

Some common measures:
One serving of fruit = a tennis ball sized fruit
One serving of rice = one-third cup cooked rice

9. Avoid Saturated fatsweight loss

Avoid junk food and switch to things which are low-fat. Say no to the dairy products which are too fatty like buffalo milk which is full fat.
It is advised to you to cut back on sugar, fried foods, junk food including all processed foods, such as pizza, burger, muffins and heavy indian snacks like jalebi, samosas & kachoris. This is so because food manufacturers try to keep their costs as low as possible to the attract the customer and so they use ingredients that are cheap, but not very good for your health.lose weightThe partially-hydrogenated oil, poor in quality, cheap in price is present in almost every processed food. The oil contains a high amount of trans fats and is so harmful that it is linked to every modern ailment, from cancer to heart disease.

10. Avoid Sugar for Quick Weight Lossbenefits of avoiding sugar

The sugar you consume contained in sweetened foods just add empty calories to your body. You can easily get enough natural sugar from seasonal fruits and dry fruits. Go for natural sweetener, such as stevia and avoid Honey and Jaggery though they are natural healthy sweetener but not the right choice if you are on weight loss diet to stay away from them as they too add empty calories.

11. Drink enough waterbenefits-of-water-on-your-body

Keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water every day. To find out if your body is dehydrated, simply check the color of your urine. If you are taking adequate amount of water your body needs, it would be pale yellow in color. It would be lighter or darker than that, if you are not drinking enough water.

Here is the simple and easy weight loss Indian diet plan(you can select the food according to your preference from this diet chart for whole week).

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So, follow this healthy vegetarian Indian diet and perform the above mentioned fat-burning exercises on a regular basis for quick weight loss. Believe me, if you follow this regime, you will see a great difference in your body besides, you will start loving yourself day by day.

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