Health Benefits of Vegan Diet And Vegan Diet For Weight Loss


vegan diet for weight loss

Vegan diet lifestyle is the new healthy lifestyle that everyone wants to follow and it is the fastest growing movement all across the world at this moment. Vegans must be glad to know that there is evidence that a vegan diet is much more prefered to a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet as it aids weight loss more effectively. Vegan diet for weight loss, Vegans easily lose weight fast for their follow a vegan diet which is free of all fatty meats and dairy products.

How “Vegan” are you?

  • A vegan generally follows a vegan diet or a vegan philosophy. It is the practice of refraining oneself from using animal products, particularly in the diet.
  • Vegan excludes all the things that are listed below from their vegan diet. They do not eat pork, fowl game, seafood, eggs, dairy, beef or any other animal products, like gelatin.
  • Veganism is not only confined to the matter of food, but also to the wearing and using of products made from animals.
  • Animal products used in day to day life that vegans avoid are beeswax, albumin, blood, bone china, keratin, rennet (used in making cheese) lactic acid, gelatin, whey, etc.
  • But Dietary Vegans who are also known as Plant-Based Eaters might use animal products in toiletries and clothing like leather, silk and wood and other insect products like honey and silk etc.

Are you an “Ethical Vegan“, “Dietary Vegan” or an “Environmental Vegan“?

Ethical Vegan: The individuals who put vegan philosophy into practice and criticize animal products for any reason and purpose are called Ethical Vegans. The term ethical vegan is often applied to those who broaden the philosophy past vegan diet into various area of their lives.

Dietary Vegan: The individuals who refrain themselves from consuming animal products are called Dietary Vegans. This implies avoiding not only meat but also egg and dairy products and other animal-derived food materials.

Environmental Vegan: The individuals who avoid animal products and consider that harvesting or industrial farming of animals is baneful to the environment are called Environmental Vegans. They are involved in the methods that should not entirely exhaust, damage or destroy natural resources such as fossil fuels, water, and land.

vegan diet planAre you following the correct vegan diet plan?

Does that bother you and you wonder that why you are not able to lose weight?; when you follow the correct eating regime and have tried almost everything possible in the world but never got the best results. This vegan diet to lose weight will help you lose weight very fast.

Sometimes vegans come across this problem that in spite following a vegan diet, they are not an inch closer to achieving their weight-loss goal. Vegans think that just excluding fatty meals and dairy products they would start losing weight. Vegans need to focus on the right food else they can either gain or lose weight. It’s all depends on the ratio of the calories, nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins they are consuming. If you are picking the right food in right proportion, no one can stop you from achieving your goal.

Things to include in each meal you take:

vegan diet weight loss

1 green – cabbage, frozen spinach, collard greens, broccoli, asparagus, fresh spinach, chard, watercress, lettuce, kale, endive, brussels’ sprouts, beet greens, escarole, mustard greens.

1 fruit – banana, oranges, apples, dates, frozen berries, plums, apricots, peaches, cherries, fresh berries, mango, nectarines, grapefruits, kiwis, pomegranates, pears, dried fruit.

1 fat – avocados, nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc.), seeds (sesame, flax, sunflower, pepitas, hemp, chia, etc.), olives

1 vegetable – carrots, celery, mushrooms, parsnips, peas, corn, onion, garlic, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, tomatoes, radishes, squash, turnips, cauliflower, beets

1 protein-beans, chick peas, lentils, split peas, tofu, seitan, tempeh, mock meats

1 carbohydrate-whole-grain bread, tortillas, brown rice, pastas, quinoa, couscous, oats, breakfast cereals, potatoes, other grains (buckwheat, teff, kasha, etc.)

lose weight fast

Foods to take in moderate amounts

  • Starchy vegetables : Potatoes and corn as the calories per ounce, they carry supersedes their non-starchy counterpart. So, it is advised to eat them in moderate amounts.
  • Nuts : Walnuts provide 185 calories in one ounce. So it’s better that rather than making them a main course meal. Let them be appetizers. You can have a taste of it without making yourself stuffed with it along with abundance of calories.
  • Fats and oils : Coconut milk, avocados and cooking oil can derail your vegan diet if you more than your body requires, stalling your weight loss eventually.

Foods to exclude from your vegan diet

  • Chips, French fries, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc.

These baked goods are made up of sugar and refined flour, including fats and oils which mean your diet is not only rich in refined carbohydrates but also high calories and low-nutrients too.

Foods to include in vegan diet

  • Plenty of vegetables
    Green vegetables, tomatoes, squash, etc. As these vegetables are high in volume, but provides less calories.
  • Fruits
    Citrus fruits, melon, orange, strawberries, kiwi, etc. as fruits help in promoting the healthy kind of weight loss without degrading your health or any muscle depletion.
  • Fortified foods and supplements
    If all the animal products are eliminated, it increases the risk of deficiencies of vitamins B12 and D, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore vegans are advised to take fortified foods or take supplements because they might be at risk of low bone mineral density.

Health Benefits of Vegan Diet

  • A vegan diet is associated with a significant reduction in cancer risk too. The reason a vegan diet is said to be cancer-protected is that it includes an increased consumption of vegetables and fruits and absence of meat.
  • A vegan diet also provides other health benefits, including a reduced risk of type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure. Heart disease and obesity.
  • A complete vegan diet plan focuses on Four New Foods that have low calories, but height volume and rich of fibers which makes you satiated.
  • When you follow a vegan diet, you’ll feel more stuffed and full before you’ve even finished your meal and thus it helps you to avoid taking extra calories to derail your vegan diet plan.
  • You’ll feel awesome, when you start losing weight as this vegan diet consisting of Four New Foods is dense in nutrients and promote high energy and great health.
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So Vegans don’t be obsessed with losing weight and stop daydreaming. Just bring these guidelines into practice in your daily life. All you need to remember vegans “Eat to live not live to Eat” and focus on vegan diet where you need to eliminate and cut back on some foods. I bet you’ll be on cloud nine with a big smile on your face when you see the needle striking the left side of your weighing machine.

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